New series of three Icelandic stamps

This is a new series of three Icelandic stamps
honouring the pioneers of the Icelandic filmindustry,
the third stamp 160 ISK. is featuring
The Raven flies
The actor Helgi Skúlason is wearing the warriors mask
armed with a pointed arrow on his bow.

Further information here, click here - for the webpage of Íslandspóstur

The first movie theatre opened in Iceland In November 1906. It was called “Fjalakötturinn” (lit. “the mousetrap”) but it was known simply as Bio – short for the Danish term Biograftheater. Bio was located in one of the Reykjavik main streets offering regular movie shows. It was opened with ceremony on November 2nd 1906. Icelanders had scant knowledge of cinematography during most of the 20th Century. There was some interest in moviemaking during cinema’s “silent era” and in the middle of the century a few movies were made using actors. Two Icelandic pioneers, Óskar Gíslason and Loftur Guðmundsson, made popular 16 mm movies and the movie studio Edda Film was founded. With the establishment of National Television cinematographic knowledge and training increased greatly. The first genuinely Icelandic movie was “Murder Story” which had its premiere in 1977.